A Journal Dedicated to Quality of Life and Social Policy

Editor: Professor Cătălin Zamfir
Editor: Professor Ioan Mărginean
ISSN print version: 1018-0389
ISSN electronic version: 1844-5292
Romanian Academy Publishing House
Issue 3/2019
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Quality of life in Romania in European comparative perspective. Research Report
Iuliana PRECUPEȚU Introduction: milestones of recent research in quality of life, p. 203
Iuliana PRECUPEȚU Standard of living: there is more than just increasing material resources, p. 207
Laura TUFĂ Quality of housing in Romania. Between precarious improvement and maintaining inequality in access to decent housing, p. 226
Flavius MIHALACHE, Cosmina-Elena POP Work-life balance and care responsibilities, p. 240
Cosmina-Elena POP Health status and quality of healthcare services in Romania in European comparative perspective, p. 252
Flavius MIHALACHE Quality of society, p. 270
Claudia PETRESCU Social participation, p. 281
Marian VASILE Subjective wellbeing in Romania: factors affecting life satisfaction and mental wellbeing, p. 299