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Issue 1-2/2006                                                                                           Back to archive

A Journal Dedicated to Quality of Life and Social Policy
Director Prof. dr. Cătălin Zamfir
Editor: Prof. dr. Ioan Mărginean
Romanian Academy Publishing House

Issue 1-2/2006


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Cristina DOBOŞ – The research program: Polarization of the access to health and education services as a source of poverty in the future 

Cristina DOBOŞ – Difficulties of access to public health services, in Romania

Ana BLEAHU – Ways of exclusion from health services, with an emphasis on rroma population, in Romania 

Livius MANEA – Physical disability as a risk-factor for the access to education

Gabriela NEAGU – Polarization of access to education services. The role of the education system

Laura STOICA – Directions of action for increasing access to education by children from poorer areas 

Iustin LUPU – The quality of life concept in health. Definitions and evaluation instruments



Bogdan VOICU – How poor Romanians are: subjective and consensual approaches 

Adina MIHĂILESCU – Evolutions of the poverty line in Romania (obtained using the normative method) during 1990–2005 period

Sergiu BĂLŢĂTESCU – Difficulties in life satisfaction measurement scales’ transformation

Ioan MĂRGINEAN – Living conditions in rural areas

Maria-Ana GEORGESCU – Policies of labour force employment. Case-study Mureş County

Ion BOBOC – Managerial behaviour and strategies in ONG-s



Mihaela LAMBRU, Ioan MĂRGINEAN (coord.), Marian PREDA, Ioana CREŢOIU, Claudia PETRESCU, Dragoş RADU şi Oana ŢIGĂNESCU, Parteneriat public – privat în furnizarea de servicii sociale, Bucureşti, Editura Ziua, 2004, p. 220 (Cosmina Chiţu)