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Issue 1-2/2008                                                                                           Back to archive

A Journal Dedicated to Quality of Life and Social Policy
Director Prof. dr. Cătălin Zamfir
Editor: Prof. dr. Ioan Mărginean
Romanian Academy Publishing House

Issue 1-2/2008


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Siyka KOVACHEVA, Stanimir KABAIVANOV — Work-Life Balance of Employees in Bulgarian Service Sector Companies
Laureana URSE —  Culture and the quality of life
Ana Maria PREOTEASA - Employment phenomenon in Romania, and the sustained development
Florentin Flavius MIHALACHE - Two perspectives in explaining satisfaction with life: top-down vs. bottom-up
Bogdan VOICU – Social capital as a premise of sustained development
Cristina Doboş – Financing health-systems in European Unions countries. Romania in the European context
Mihnea PREOTESI – Local contexts of promoting welfare, in relation with interpersonal and institutional trust. An analysis in the rural areas of Romania
Adrian HATOS – The impact of seggregation and differenciation on school performances in high-school. A multi-level analysis
Claudia PETRESCU, Octavian RUSU – Public policies' instruments in the system of social services offer
Cătălin Zamfir – Decision-Making under Persistent Uncertainty: A New Paradigm of Decision-making and its Multiple Explanatory Capacities
Ioan MĂRGINEAN – The perceived quality of the Romanian society, in the European context
Claudiu TUFIŞ – Multiple Imputation as a Solution to the Missing Data Problem in Social Sciences

Ana Maria PREOTEASA – The international conference "A cultural approach of corruption. The relevance of perceptions on corruption in preventing it". The third meeting of project members - Dubrovnik - 17-21 January, 2008