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A Journal Dedicated to Quality of Life and Social Policy

Professor Cătălin Zamfir
Editor: Professor Ioan Mărginean
ISSN print version: 1018-0389
ISSN electronic version: 1844-5292
Romanian Academy Publishing House

Issue 1-2/2009
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Laura Gabriela STOICA — Social innovation, factor of social and economic development, a prioritaty research project of the Institute of the Quality of Life Research

Cătălin ZAMFIR —  Social context, sociology, and social innovation

Simona STĂNESCU - Conceptual approach of innovation, in the context of re-launching the Lisabona strategy

Iulian STĂNESCU, Aura MATEI - Social innovation in Great Britain

Laureana URSE – Innovation in social sciences

Ion BOBOC – The option for innovative strategies in the strategical management of public, non-profit, and political organizations, in Romania

Codrin SCUTARU – Marketing strategy for the public sector

Antoine HEEMERYCK – The practices and ideologies of non-governmental organizations: general and comparative assessement

Monica ŞERBAN - The necessity of innovation in Romanian migration policies during accession to EU

Daniel ARPINTE - The mechanisms of innovation in the social services system

Cristina TOMESCU - Social innovation in the public health services

Gabriela NEAGU The innovation in the educational system

Laura Gabriela STOICA - Access to permanent education as a factor of social innovation

Diana DĂMEAN, Maria ROTH - Social dimensions of school success: the role of the family, school, and community in the childrens's school performance

Sorin MITULESCU - Youth response to educational innovation

Mihnea PREOTESI - Social innovation stimulating/blocking factors, in rural areas of Romania. Case study: comuna Bughea de Sus, jud. Argeş

Cosmin BRICIU - Poverty and social inclusion measurement - a case of selective assimilation of innovation

Sabina-Adina LUCA - The role of cultural policies in urban socio-economic development

Victor MOCANU, Valeria MÎNDRU - Taking position against corruption - an indispensable condition for the social and economic development of the Republic of Moldavia and its integration in the EU

Ştefan UNGUREAN - The medieval Transylvanian town: a diachronically exercise on innovation and social modernization

Mihaela C. BERBEC - Intelligence Networks - The Model Based Methodologies Problem

Florentin Flavius MIHALACHE - The International Conference: Social innovation - social and economic development factor, 26-27 September 2008, QLRI