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A Journal Dedicated to Quality of Life and Social Policy

Professor Cătălin Zamfir
Editor: Professor Ioan Mărginean
ISSN print version: 1018-0389
ISSN electronic version: 1844-5292
Romanian Academy Publishing House

Issue 1-2/2010
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Raluca POPESCU — Roumanian contemporary family profile
Florentin Flavius MIHALACHE —  Changes in the Roumanian rural demographic and occupational profile: 1990-2009
Ioan MĂRGINEAN - Human development index. Roumania in the international context
Laura SURDU - Mechanism of construction and de-construction of stigma regarding Rroma population in Roumania
Laura TUFĂ – Digital division. Accessibility and utilisation of Internet in Roumania, as compared with the EU countries
Ion BOBOC – The option for innovative strategies in the strategical management of public, non-profit, and political organizations, in Romania

Elena ZAMFIR – Gender Perspective in the National Reform Programme for Employment
Daniel ARPINTE, Sorin CACE, Harry THEOTOKATOS, Eleftheria KOUMALATSOU – The Social Economy in the European Union
Alexandra GHEONDEA, Simona ILIE, Mihaela LAMBRU, Adina MIHĂILESCU, Adriana NEGUŢ, Mariana STANCIU, Cristina TOMESCU – Specific discriminatory phenomena at the work place: mobbing 
Mihaela LAMBRU – Open coordination method (OCM) in the fields of social protection and social inclusion. The participatory dimension of OCM 
Mihai DUMITRU – Cooperation and conflict in industrial relations: the role of social dialogue 
Daniel ARPINTE – Inhibitory factors of innovation in social services

Nikolai TILKIDJIEV, Valentina MILENKOVA, Tanya NEDELCHEVA, Kamelia PETKOVA, Svetlana HRISTOVA, Natasha MILEVA – Successful Rroma: from historically inherited biases to modern identity

Cosmina-Elena POP – The Conference of the International Association for Quality of life Studies, Quality of Life Studies: measures and objectives of societies’ progress, 19–23 July, 2009, Florence, Italy

Sergiu BĂLŢĂTESCU, Happiness in the social context of postcommunist transition in Roumania (FERICIREA în contextul social al tranziţiei postcomuniste din România), Editura Universităţii din Oradea, 2009 (Cătălin Zamfir); Second European Quality of Life Survey, Official Publications of EC, Luxembourg (Ioan Mărginean)