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Issue 3-4/2005                                                                                           Back to archive

A Journal Dedicated to Quality of Life and Social Policy
Director Prof. dr. Cătălin Zamfir
Editor: Prof. dr. Ioan Mărginean
Romanian Academy Publishing House
Issue 3-4/2005
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Mihnea PREOTESI – The ethics of work in transition
Simona ILIE, Claudia PETRESCU – Youth and participation at decision
Marius STRÂMBEANU – Civic implication of youth from Romania
Claudia PETRESCU – Woman trafficking – a problem of modern society
Ana BĂLAŞA – The ageing population: challenges and answers of Europe
Ana BLEAHU – Rural development in European Union
Laureana URSE – Life styles of rural middle class
Dumitru CHIRIAC, Anton GEICU, Cristina HUMĂ, Ana BLEAHU – Social-economic effects of drought over quality of life in human communities from Romania 
Raluca POPESCU, Daniel ARPINTE, Gabriela NEAGU – The necessity of support for fighting against social exclusion of children 
Gabriela NEAGU – Expenditures with education. Comparative analysis
Cristina DOBOŞ – Health public services and social development
Mariana STANCIU – Policies of international financial institutions which lead to the deepening of the poverty of nations 
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