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A Journal Dedicated to Quality of Life and Social Policy

Professor Cătălin Zamfir
Editor: Professor Ioan Mărginean
ISSN print version: 1018-0389
ISSN electronic version: 1844-5292
Romanian Academy Publishing House

Issue 3-4/2009
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Victor MOCANU, Ion MOCANU – Characteristics of social life in the Republic of Moldavia
D. den HARTOG, A. H. M. DUR, W. E. TUINEBREIJER, R. W. KREIS – Quality of life after suture repair for incisional hernia: long-term postoperative and retrospective preoperative evaluations
Dumitru CHIRIAC, Cristina HUMĂ, Mariana STANCIU – Urban green areas – an issue of contemporary urbanization
Mariana STANCIU – The ecological footprint of Romania – a new perspective on development
Cristina TOMESCU, Alin CASAPU – Traffic injuries issue in Romania

Ioan MĂRGINEAN – The place of the school in today’s Romanian society
Elisaveta DRĂGHICI – The capacity of response of employment policies to the work needs of the persons with disabilities
Iuliana PRECUPEŢU – Patterns of perceptions towards the anticorruption fight and policies in Romania. Balancing between façade and essence
Claudia PETRESCU – The implications of participation on local development. Case study: Horezu, Valcea County

Marius Augustin POP – The determination of the evolution of poverty using the relative thresholds anchored in time method

Laureana URSE – Reflectiuons regarding an argument

Flavius Florentin MIHALACHE – The National Symposium “The Romanian village – passed, present, and future” – 100 years from the birth of sociologist Anton Golopentia – 70 years from the sociological research of “plasa Dambovnic”

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Editura Expert, 2008, p. 310 (Laura Tufă)